Artisanal meets state-of-the-art.

Above and beyond

Located in OK Falls, B.C., Avery Family Farms is rooted in a multi-generational, artisanal farming tradition and nourished by fearless innovation. Using vertical farming and Japanese-inspired precision cultivating and growing methods, we can bring fresher, more flavourful, home-grown produce to Canadian consumers every day of the year.

Greener greens

Vertical farming is a greener, cleaner way to grow the food we eat. It requires significantly less land and water than conventional farming. It also eliminates pesticides and harmful runoff, and because it’s a shorter distance from the farm to the store shelf, it reduces emissions, too.

Our impact

Healthier land, healthier humans

Lower emissions

Our locally-grown produce travels shorter distances and reduces fuel consumption.

Less water usage

Vertical farming consumes up to 90% less of this precious resource than field farming.

Less land

We take up 99% less land than field farming, and we don’t take up any agricultural land.

No pesticides

Our clean growing methods keep pesticides off the land and off people’s plates.


Our cultivars are 100% non-GMO to protect the health of humans and the environment.

350x more efficient

Our farming methods are up to 350x more productive than conventional farming.

Stronger communities

Creating year-round employment

Avery Family Farms has added dozens of jobs to this rural community of approximately 2,500.

Small-town revitalization

Our vertical farm brings high-tech jobs to a small town, improving their social and economic profiles.