Our Produce

We grow two styles of attractive head lettuce, with textures and flavours for every taste.

Locally grown, ultra fresh

Grown right here in B.C. 365 days a year, and harvested daily, our produce reaches dinner plates at the height of freshness.

Roma Romaine

An unusual bouquet shape makes this lettuce stand out in the produce aisle. It has a surprisingly crisp, crunchy texture and a sophisticated hint of bitterness on the palate.

300 g

Frill Lettuce

The mild flavour of this lettuce has just a little bit of a bite. Each leaf is beautifully ruffled for maximum visual appeal in the produce aisle and on the plate. The perfect salad leaf!

200 g

Where to buy

Interested in bringing our lettuce to your grocery store or restaurant? Contact us for wholesale information.

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